Advertisement feature: GardX launch two new pioneering vehicle protection products.


Advertisement feature from GardX

GardX today announced the launch of not one, but two new pioneering vehicle protection products within their GardX Protect business. GardX Protect is the award-winning, industry-leading non-regulated vehicle protection pillar of GardX Group. 

These new products are the latest innovations launched as part of the ongoing “Transformation @ Twenty” initiative to celebrates the company’s 20th anniversary. The company had previously announced their desire to celebrate this special occasion by reinforcing their commitment to clients by introducing new tangible products that are designed to support clients, drive sustainable growth and enrich profitability opportunities amongst the challenging market headwinds.

Victor Coutin, Chairman of GardX Group said, “A spirit of restless innovation and pushing boundaries has been the lifeblood of GardX for twenty years. Therefore, it just wouldn’t feel right to mark our 20th anniversary by looking back with nostalgia. Instead, we want to look forward with ambition, and with a renewed commitment to our industry, and our clients. Our core client promise, ‘a guarantee that every part of our business exists to drive more growth for yours’ is as relevant today as it was 20 years ago”.

GX2 Graphene – Paint Protection.

GX2 Graphene is a new product by GardX, with an enhanced formulation, it is a significant leap forward in paint protection products.

GX2 Graphene utilises the very latest technology available in the sector, bringing with it some significant benefits for both Dealer and end-consumer. This new formulation leverages the natural assets of Graphene, which are of toughness, flexibility, light and highly resistant.  

This new product has greatly improved performance, with a higher and deeper gloss finish, greater hydrophobicity giving enhanced water beading and enhanced weathering. 

This new product has an improved value proposition for clients, including its ease of application, driving improvements in productivity and efficiencies, whilst enabling additional margin opportunities.

Dylan Haskell, Chief Revenue Officer said; “For decades, our core vehicle protection systems have been at the forefront in both their innovation and performance. So, our appetite to continue leading the way certainly won’t surprise our partner Dealers and OEMs. But aside from elevating performance and embracing the potential of new formulations such as Graphene, these products can support our clients and act as a key profit generation lever, whilst offering a superior end-consumer proposition”.

Elixogen – Elite Protection System.

Elixogen is a brand-new elite vehicle protection system, designed specifically for premium and prestige vehicles and consumers. This new product showcases the latest innovation and consumer offering, with enhanced formulations and features that offers Dealers and OEMs a compelling value proposition.

This product provides significant enhancements for water beading, weathering and wash resistance. This product redefines elite vehicle protection and is designed to generate sustainable profit and margin for Dealers, as well as delighting end-consumers.

Richard Gonzalez, Director of Sales at GardX Protect said: “These two new products are very exciting and timely. We understand the challenges facing our clients and we are pleased to be able to support them. We always strive to push boundaries, and these new products are at the forefront of innovation, which delivers performance enhancements that will establish new industry benchmarks.

Following our intense R&D process and focus groups we have created Elixogen, which will be positioned separately to the core GardX range and represents a new era for elite vehicle protection. This is a pioneering new vehicle protection system, including a revolutionary ‘top-coat’, forming the most durable and resistant protection we have ever created”.

As part of these product releases, GardX also provided an update to their ongoing commitments to environmental sustainability across their four sustainability pillars – 1. Product and Packaging, 2. Manufacturing, 3. Operations and 4. Innovation. These pillars are all undergoing a period of purposeful evolution aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Examples include reducing the use of virgin plastic in bottles and packaging where possible, acquiring all packaging from renewable resources, migrating to paperless with digital POS support for our Dealers, an environmentally focused product development strategy, and a focus on low-impact formulations by working to discontinue the use of PFAS (“forever chemicals”) – amongst a number of other developments.

Dylan Haskell explained; “First and foremost, every organisation has a responsibility to the environment and our planet. For today and for future generations. But we also believe that sustainability will become an increasingly important strategic growth driver for our partner Dealers and OEMs. 

Ultimately supporting that growth is the reason GardX exists, so ensuring we can empower and enable their own sustainable development with genuine sustainable credentials at the heart of our products and solutions, is a crucial part of our long-term growth strategy. We look forward to sharing more details of our renewed sustainability commitment over the coming weeks.”

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