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In an industry known for its traditional practices, the automotive sector is increasingly recognising the need for digital transformation. Process automation is an integral part of this. The integration of process automation solutions can revolutionise the way the automotive retail and manufacturing business operates, providing numerous benefits and addressing obstacles that both face in the current digital landscape.

Process Automation enables businesses to reap enormous benefits, streamline broken processes, and steer revenue in the right direction. Right now, many challenges are difficult to swerve away from: fluctuating economic conditions; increasing interest rates; seasonal dips; transitioning to sustainable models, and evolving regulations. And that is only the start of it. Deep inside manufacturing assembly lines and dealerships, there are complex operational processes that can be time-consuming, error-prone, and resource-intensive. Then there are legacy systems that can no longer keep up with the demands of the digital era, as well as a lack of IT and development capabilities in-house.

By embracing process automation manufacturers and dealerships can streamline operations, reduce manual labour, gain visibility on all tasks, and improve overall efficiency to focus on high-priority tasks that make the difference e.g., improving customer service, enhancing sales strategies, and driving innovation.

Implementing process automation in the automotive industry offers a wide range of advantages:

Increased efficiency

Across every department, streamlining operations is the first step to being more efficient. Take financial operations, as an example. From reporting to purchase order management, many manual processes take time away from long-term strategic planning and leave you vulnerable to human errors. Not only that, but high-level employees are performing low-value tasks. Automation ensures consistent, accurate data entry while freeing your senior team to focus on what matters. Potential: Save over 6,000 hours (about 8 months) per year in admin tasks.

Reduced operational costs

Automating processes can result in significant cost savings. By reducing the need for manual labour, you can save on expenses and put the new source of income into another area. But that is not all. By eradicating legacy systems and simplifying technology stacks, which can be a drain on expenditure, operational costs can decrease further. Potential: Save thousands per significant process.

Boost scalability and flexibility

Digitalisation allows you to scale operations easily as you expand. Automated processes can handle increased volumes of transactions and data without compromising efficiency. Processes can be easily customised and adapted to meet your evolving business needs and industry-specific trends. Potential: Integrate seamlessly with other key solutions and deploy processes up to 5X faster.

Gain competitive advantage

Implementing process automation gives you a competitive edge in the market. Dealerships and Manufacturers can differentiate themselves from competitors, attract more customers, and improve their overall market position. Automation also enables faster response times and agility, allowing you to adapt to market changes and customer demands more effectively. Potential: achieve ROI 2X faster than competitors.

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