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Ford CEO also revealed plans to reduce weight and increase performance on lower Mustang variants.

Ford is contemplating launching a new range of “authentic” combustion-engined variants of the Mustang that could include a four-door model for the first time in the muscle car’s history.

  1. Ford contemplating expanding Mustang line-up with 4-door version

Speaking exclusively to our sister publication Autocar UK at the recent Goodwood Members’ Meeting, Ford CEO Jim Farley revealed that the Mustang is now “by far” the world’s bestselling coupe and has a huge fan following worldwide. However, he acknowledged that new derivatives would only be accepted by the fans if they packed the same “performance and attitude” as the existing models.

“We will never build a Mustang that isn’t a Mustang,” said Farley. “For instance, there will never be room for a small, two-row Ford SUV with a Mustang badge stuck on it. But could we do other Mustang body forms – a 4-door or whatever? I believe we could, as long as these models have all the performance and attitude of the original.”

Farley added that Ford needs to start adding lustre to the original Mustang in a bid to expand the line-up. He said that the company needs to invest both in models that are accessible to traditional buyers and in other versions that take the coupe further upmarket. He added that one way of keeping costs down while increasing performance on the affordable version(s) is by cutting weight – a development programme for exploring which is already under way.

Ford Mustang in India

Ford had launched the sixth-gen Mustang in India in 2016 in hard-top GT coupe spec. The 5.0-litre V8 engine on the India-spec model produced 401hp and 515Nm. The Mustang was brought in as a CBU and sold between 2016-2020. The American carmaker shut shop in India in 2021, but is now planning to re-enter the market with the Everest SUV.

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