Honda CB350 price, Hness CB350 recall in India


Both models also have a recall issued for the bank angle sensor which can cause the bike to stall unexpectedly.

Honda has issued a recall for its H’ness CB350 and CB350RS neo retro roadsters for concerns regarding the models’ brake light and the bank angle sensor. 

The company says an improper process being followed during manufacture of the rubber parts of the brake light switch there are chances of cracks developing. This may lead to water entry and corrosion inside, leading the light to malfunction. For this issue, bikes manufactured between October 2020 – January 2023 are affected. 

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The other point of concern in this recall campaign is related to the bikes’ bank angle sensor. Honda claims this issue has arisen due to ‘inappropriate molding’ of the sensor housing, which can lead to a gap in sensor body sealing which might allow water to enter inside the bank angle sensor. This leads to chances of possible sensor malfunction and even the bike stalling in a worst-case scenario. Units manufactured between October 2020 to December 2021 are affected by this issue. 

Replacement of these affected parts will be carried out at BigWing dealerships across India starting from the second week of December. The replacement will be done free of cost irrespective of the warranty status of the vehicle.

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