Honda CB350 price Rs 2 lakh, gets 10 year warranty


Though it gets the same underpinnings as the H’ness, it’s dressed in a new suit that bears an uncanny resemblance to its South Indian rival.

Having teased a new bike recently, Honda has now added a third model to its 350cc lineup to take on the Royal Enfield Classic 350. Simply called the CB350, it bears an uncanny resemblance to the RE, but is powered by the same engine and underpinned by the same chassis as the H’ness CB350 and CB350RS.

That means that you get an air-cooled 348cc single-cylinder engine producing the same 21hp and 29Nm that it does in Honda’s other CB350 models. On the features front, too, you get the  Honda Smartphone Voice Control system (HSVCS) like you do on the H’ness. Other shared features include all-LED lighting, an assist & slipper clutch and traction control.

In terms of appearance, though, it has far more in common with the Classic 350 than it does with anything Honda has ever produced. Right from the shrouded telescopic fork to the peashooter-style exhaust and the design of the fenders, the similarities are plain to see. It’s a little disappointing to see the extent to which Honda has imitated its rival, and the end result is a motorcycle that, visually at least, comes across as rather unoriginal.

As far as price is concerned, the CB350 is being offered in a base DLX variant (Rs 2 lakh) and a DLX Pro version (Rs 2.18 lakh). The latter is the only one to receive the HSVCS and traction control.

All prices ex-showroom, Delhi




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