Kawasaki Versys price, Versys Hybrid engine, battery, range


Patent filings show the Ninja 7 Hybrid’s powertrain in an adventure tourer’s format.

After the Ninja 7 hybrid and the Z 7 hybrid, Kawasaki has filed a patent overseas that could hint at expanding its two-wheeled hybrid portfolio. 

  1. Same engine, electric motor as Ninja, Z HEVs
  2. Body style reminiscent of Versys models

Kawasaki has multiple models in its current lineup that are underpinned by the same basic engine and frame architecture, so it stands to reason that it would do the same for its hybrid models as well. 

A hypothetical Versys 7 hybrid would actually lean into the strong suits of the HEV powertrain, with higher efficiency supplementing fuel range over long tours and the weight penalty of the electric motor not playing such a big role as on the sportier Ninja and Z.

Speaking of weight, we’ve already reported that the Ninja 7 Hybrid is heavier than the Versys 650, and since every comparable Versys model is heavier than the equivalent Ninja, it stands to reason that the Versys hybrid will be too.

Expect the 451cc parallel-twin engine making 45hp and 42.6Nm and the 9kW motor with the accompanying riding modes to be carried forward unchanged in this application. The paddleshifters too should be carried over unchanged, which will make the Versys hybrid the second mainstream ADV to feature this tech after Honda Africa Twin DCT


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