Kia Carens, Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and XL6 waiting period breakup


The MPVs are currently seeing waiting period of up to 10 months, which is similar to compact SUVs of the same price range.

If you thought SUVs were the only vehicles in high demand in the Indian market, you’d be mistaken. While waiting periods on most cars and SUVs have gradually been reducing over the past few months, some popular models continue to see waiting periods extending up to eight months or even a year in some cases. Popular MPVs such as Carens, Ertiga and XL6 are also seeing lengthy waiting periods.

  • Kia Carens has the highest waiting period among MPVs currently
  • Maruti MPVs have a maximum of six months in waiting

Kia Carens: waiting period

Our dealer sources have revealed that 1.4-litre turbo-petrol variants of the Carens have an average waiting period of 5-6 months, going up to a maximum of 8 months, depending on the trim. Top-end trims such as Prestige Plus and Luxury Plus with the DCT automatic gearbox have been in greater demand, and therefore, also see the highest waiting period.

Meanwhile, the diesel variants of the Carens have an average waiting period of 8-9 months, going up a maximum of 10 months for the Luxury Plus AT variant. This, in fact, is even higher than the Seltos, diesel variants of which have a maximum waiting period of up to 7 months.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, XL6: waiting periods

While waiting periods on the Carens are high, one can also look at alternatives from Maruti Suzuki which have relatively lesser waiting period. For instance, the Ertiga has a maximum waiting period of 6 months for the top-spec ZXi and ZXi+ automatic variants, but the lower-spec LXi and VXi trims have a waiting period of 4-5 months. And while the Ertiga does not get a diesel engine option, CNG variants of the Ertiga have a waiting period of 6 months. ‘

The Ertiga may not be as premium or well-equipped as the Carens, but it makes up for it in terms of fuel efficiency and ease of ownership, and is also a fair bit more affordable.

Meanwhile, the 6-seater XL6 that has the lowest waiting period, going up to a maximum of 5 months for the higher-spec automatic variants. The manual versions, meanwhile, have 3-4 months in waiting on average. The XL6 does not have the option of a 7-seat layout, but it is slightly better equipped than the Ertiga and is also equally fuel efficient.

With the semiconductor crisis gradually easing out and production subsequently stepping up, expect waiting periods to go down further in the coming months.

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