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This will eliminate possible drive down on new cars by the dealer staff.

Toyota has introduced a new service when delivering new vehicles where the car will be transported from the dealer stockyard to the delivery touchpoint on a flatbed truck to mitigate all risks while transportation and improve reliability of the transportation process. This is the first time a carmaker is officially offering such a service.

  1. No additional costs to be borne by the customer
  2. Additional transit insurance is provided through insurance companies

The idea is to eliminate possible drive down of new cars by the dealer staff to the final delivery location. This will be of particular benefit in rural and semi-urban locations where last mile logistics pose challenges. Currently in the first phase of roll out, this service will be available across 130 authorized Toyota dealerships in 26 states as part of the sales process.

As a part of the program, dealerships will be tying-up with logistics companies where single carrier flatbed trucks will be used for transportation of new vehicles, improving overall safety of the process as well as the delivery experience. Furthermore, no additional cost will need to be borne by the customer and transit insurance will also be provided through insurance companies.

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