10 Gift Ideas for the Classic Car Lover in Your Life


If you personally know an antique car collector, you’ve probably struggled to figure out an amazing gift to give them for a special occasion. Buying them a new car would be unaffordable, and you may not be sure what types of parts or accessories they’d like.

Gift Ideas for the Classic Car Lover in Your Life

These are some of the best and most appropriate gift ideas for the classic car lover in your life.

  1.       A custom license plate. Whether you use it to give your car some extra flair at a car show or just hang it up in the garage as decoration, a custom license plate could put a smile on this person’s face. Get a license plate from a specific era, capture colors or design elements that relate to a specific kind of car, or just spell out an inside joke that the two of you share. The possibilities are limitless, so you can make the perfect license plate for just about anyone.
  2.       Auto detailing supplies. Most classic car lovers love spending time getting their cars polished and superficially flawless. That’s why auto detailing supplies make a nearly perfect gift. Cleaning products, waxes, finishing products, and even fresh scents can all be valuable contributions. And because they’ll use these products regularly, they can never have too many.
  3.       A car cover. If you know what kind of car this person has, you may be able to give them a car cover that fits perfectly. Car covers help to keep a vehicle in the best possible condition, protecting it from a wide range of threats – including bad weather.
  4.       Tools and quality of life items. If this person spends a lot of time in the garage, you might consider getting them new tools or quality of life items that enable them to work in new ways or work more comfortably. For example, a flexible scope light or foam padding for the floor could be valuable additions.
  5.       A classic car magazine subscription. Traditional magazines aren’t as popular as they used to be, but they still have amazing photos and stories to offer. If the classic car lover in your life still likes reading print, consider getting them a classic car magazine subscription.
  6.       A calendar showing off classic cars. You could also get them a calendar showing off classic cars in a specific style – or even customize your own calendar with some mutual favorites. It’s something they’ll see and use all year long.
  7.       Photo books (or history books). You can also consider getting them a book. Photo books can offer visuals for a wide range of different cars, made in different eras and by different manufacturers. History books can tell you all about the history of classic car development.
  8.       Model cars. Building and displaying model cars are relatively simple hobbies, but they offer a surprising amount of depth if you’re serious about the art. Consider purchasing a small version of their favorite classic car or getting them a beginner kit so they can get started on this hobby properly.
  9.       Posters and signage. Many classic car lovers enjoy decorating the garage or room of their house with automotive materials, road signs, and other thematically appropriate items. Posters and signage therefore make for excellent gifts.
  10.   Brand merchandise. If this classic car lover is obsessed with a specific brand, consider getting them some brand merchandise. Mugs, shirts, hats, and other items offer practical functionality while allowing a person to show off their brand loyalty.

Bonus Tips

Here are some bonus tips for shopping for the perfect gift:

  •       Hit the right places when shopping around. You can find classic car-related events almost anywhere in the country if you’re willing to look – and nearly all of them will have interesting shopping (or buying) opportunities that you can take advantage of. For example, you can attend a car show, a race, or a similar event.
  •       Know their preferences. Make sure you know this person’s preferences before you surprise them with some other gift, especially if they’re a brand loyalist. Gifting them merchandise of a rival brand or purchasing them detailing products they’re never going to use could be a mistake.
  •       Add a personal touch. When possible, add a personal touch. Anything you can do to customize or personalize your gift will make it more unique and meaningful.
  •       Consider experiences. Also consider gifting experiences – like getting them tickets to an upcoming motorsports event.

If you’re willing to put in a little bit of effort, you can ultimately choose a gift that the classic car lover in your life is going to thoroughly appreciate. Just remember – it’s the thought that counts!


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