5 Ways To Upgrade Your Vintage Car 


Did you get a new-to-you vintage car for Christmas? If so, you might have just got your dream present, especially if it means hours of working on a project. 

Or perhaps you’re working on fixing a beloved family heirloom. These projects can be extensive and rewarding, and the journey of customizing or restoring a vintage car is worthwhile. After all, the process is most of the fun.

Still, if you need tips for adding those finishing touches or making a vintage car feel more like your own, this guide has what you need.

Keep reading for examples of how to upgrade your vintage vehicle, from realistic license plates to dashboard details.

Get A Customized License Plate

Depending on your state, you can get various customizable license plates. You can even get a special license plate with this designation for many vintage vehicles. Plus, you can pay to write your own unique slogan or phrase. 

Finally, if you want your vintage car to have a license plate that is period accurate, check out these license plates.

Modernize For Convenience

While some vintage car enthusiasts seek to restore their cars to their original condition, others like to take a more creative route. 

Often referred to as restomods, modernized vintage vehicles are perfect for people who plan to drive the car around or love to put their spin on things.

If you’re looking to make your vintage car a bit more modern, you have lots of options. 

Here are just a few ways to modernize the vehicle.

  • Add LED lights. With upgraded headlights, you’ll see better and drive safer.
  • Install a new stereo and/or speaker system. A new sound system will make driving your vehicle much more enjoyable. 
  • Put in more cup holders. After all, it’s just much more convenient this way. 

Paint Restoration And Correction

Even if the paint on your vintage vehicle is in good condition, you can still do some corrections here and there to improve the appearance. Paint restoration can get your vintage vehicle back to how it should look. You could also take a more contemporary approach and customize it with unique paint jobs. 

Upgrade Or Redo The Seats

It’s pretty standard for older vehicles to have some wear and tear on the seats. After all, this is where people sit. The driver’s seat is the most likely to have damage because it’s used the most. If you want a proper restoration, you’ll need to find someone with the right skillset and materials to help you or track down these materials.

However, if you’re interested in a restomod, you could have the seats redone with contemporary materials for your own comfort. If you’re looking to create a one-of-a-kind vehicle, think about going with colorful leather or something eye-catching. 

Engine And Drivetrain Swaps

Even if you consider yourself a bit of a home-taught mechanic, a few upgrades for your vintage truck or car might be out of your skillset. While there’s something to be said for learning to fix up or swap out the engine yourself, make sure you don’t end up spending more time and money this way than if you just hired an expert.

Whether you’re seeking an accurate restoration or a truly unique restomod for your vintage vehicle, consider some of these upgrades to bring your car up a notch in 2023. 

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