Ather 450X price, new scooters in 2024, new family-oriented scooter, next-gen Ather 450


One will be aimed at more family-oriented use, while the other will build on existing models’ performance.

Confirming our previous reports, Ather Energy CEO and co-founder Tarun Mehta has now officially confirmed the launch of two new electric scooters in 2024 via a social media post. One will be a new family-oriented electric scooter aimed to address a few issues with the existing 450 series that’s focused on performance; the other will be an evolution of the existing 450X with improved performance and more features.

  1. New family-oriented scooter will have affordable pricing
  2. Existing 450X to gain more performance and features
  3. Both models confirmed for launch in 2024

New family-oriented Ather scooter: what to expect?

The current 450S and 450X are sporty, fun-to-ride scooters, but their compact size doesn’t quite bode well for practicality. And that’s exactly what Ather will be looking to address with the new scooter, possibly with a larger and wider seat, a more spacious floorboard and larger boot space to better suit the needs of an urban commuter.

The scooter may be tuned for greater range and gentler performance in order to better suit its use case. It’ll also likely be priced below the existing 450 range in order to make it accessible to a wider audience.

“It’s designed with your entire family in mind, offering comfort, ample size, and a whole lot more – all wrapped up in one fantastic package. We’re ensuring it’s affordable, making the Ather family experience accessible to more people,” said Mehta.

New Ather 450 with improved performance

Mehta calls this scooter an “evolution” of the existing 450 series, which is already one of the quickest accelerating (from 0-40kph) scooters in the country with a top speed of 90kph. Perhaps the new model could bring in a small increment in acceleration and push the top speed to 100kph. A slightly updated design with new features will likely also be part of the package. However, this will be accompanied by a premium over the existing range, but one that Mehta says will be justifiable.

“This new iteration is set to be the absolute pinnacle of refined performance. It will have best-in-class features that will redefine your riding experience. We’re launching in early 2024, and yes, it comes with a premium price tag, but trust me, it’s worth every bit,” he added.

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