Continental halts Stellantis output – report


Production stoppages at two Stellantis car plants in France stem from shortages in components from German supplier Continental, two Reuters “sources close to Stellantis” said on Friday.

Continental reportedly was unable to deliver its connected navigation and entertainment systems to a Citroen plant in Rennes, one of the sources said. The other said a Peugeot plant in Sochaux was halted because Continental had not delivered touch screens.

Continental declined to comment to Reuters.

French business paper La Tribune first reported the news on Friday morning, Reuters said.

A Stellantis spokesperson told Reuters the group would not comment on individual suppliers and reiterated that current stoppages at both plants were related to bottlenecks in semiconductor supply.

Stellantis said on Wednesday both plants would be stopped until next week.

The group would also stop operations at its Melfi plant in southern Italy from late 28 June to 2 July due to a “structural” shortage of semiconductors, Reuters noted.

The news agency sources could not say at what point in the supply chain disruptions began, whether it was an issue with Continental’s production or because of another supplier’s problems.



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