Mahindra XUV300 price in India, Mahindra XUV300 facelift, launch details


Mahindra has unveiled fresh prices for the XUV300, with most trim levels seeing a marginal price drop. The XUV300 line-up currently gets a total of five variants and three engine options mated to either a manual or an AMT transmission. 

Mahindra XUV300 pricing updates

As mentioned above, several variants on the XUV300 line-up have received a price cut, however, some variants see a marginal price hike too. Starting with the naturally aspirated petrol options, the ex-showroom prices for W2 and W6 trims remain the same at Rs 7.99 lakh and Rs 9.99 lakh, respectively. The W4 and W8 manual transmission variants are now available at a fresh price of Rs 8.66 lakh and Rs 11.50 lakh – an increase of Rs 25,000 for the W4 and Rs 4,000 for the W8 manual.

XUV 300 Updated prices
Variant New price Old price
W2 MT Petrol Rs 7.99 lakh Rs 7.99 lakh
W4 MT Petrol Rs 8.66 lakh Rs 8.41 lakh
W6 MT Petrol Rs 9.99 lakh Rs 9.99 lakh
W6 AMT Petrol Rs 10.70 lakh Rs 10.85 lakh
W8 MT Petrol Rs 11.50 lakh Rs 11.46 lakh
W8 (O) MT Petrol Rs 12.60 lakh Rs 12.68 lakh
W8 (O) AMT Petrol Rs 13.30 lakh Rs 13.37 lakh
W4 Turbo Petrol Rs 9.31 lakh Rs 9.31 lakh
W6 Turbo Petrol Rs 10.50 lakh Rs 10.71 lakh
W8 Turbo Petrol Rs 12.00 lakh Rs 12.02 lakh
W8 (O) Turbo Petrol Rs 13.00 lakh Rs 13.18 lakh
W4 MT Diesel Rs 10.21 lakh Rs 9.90 lakh
W6 MT Diesel Rs 11.00 lakh Rs 11.03 lakh
W6 AMT Diesel Rs 12.30 lakh Rs 12.35 lakh
W8 MT Sunroof Diesel Rs 13.00 lakh Rs 13.05 lakh
W8 (O) MT Rs 13.92 lakh Rs 13.90 lakh
W8 (O) AMT Rs 14.60 lakh Rs 14.60 lakh


Talking about price cuts, the W6 AMT is now available for a fresh price of Rs 10.70 lakh – reduced by Rs 15,000. The W8 (O) manual and AMT trims are also marginally cheaper at Rs 12.60 lakh and Rs 13.30 lakh, with prices dropping by Rs 8,000 and Rs 7,000, respectively. 


Mahindra has decreased prices for the 1.2-litre, 3-cyl turbo-petrol options across the board, barring the base W4 trim, which sees no changes in its price. The W6 trim sees the biggest price cut of Rs 21,000 (now priced at Rs 10.50 lakh), while the W8 (O) variant sees a price drop of Rs 18,000 with the new price set at Rs 13 lakh.


The W8 variant, now available at a price of Rs 12 lakh, sees a Rs 2,000 deduction when compared to the original price.

Mahindra XUV300 diesel prices

The XUV300 W4 manual diesel variant is now Rs 31,000 more expensive, with the revised price being Rs 10.21 lakh. The manual variant of the W8 (O) trim sees a price hike of Rs 2,000 and is now available for an ex-showroom price of Rs 13.92 lakh, while its AMT variant sees no changes in its price.


Meanwhile, the rest of the variants see marginal price cuts. The W6 AMT and W8 MT Sunroof variants both see a price cut of Rs 5,000 each, with new prices of Rs 12.30 lakh and Rs 13 lakh, respectively. Finally, the W6 manual sees a marginal price cut of Rs 3,000 with a revised ex-showroom price of Rs 11 lakh.

Mahindra XUV300 facelift due soon 

As we previously reported, the XUV300 is due for a major facelift in the near future, and these new prices could indicate the facelift isn’t very far as Mahindra aims to clear the XUV300 stocks. The XUV300 facelift is likely to be based on the BE SUV concept and could feature a revised bumper and a new two-part grille. Besides the BE concept, it’ll also take major design cues from the XUV700 line-up, especially at the rear.


We expect Mahindra to continue with the same powertrain options as the current-gen XUV300, but there’s been no word on whether they opt for updated transmission options in the XUV300 facelift. Currently, the XUV300 is available with a manual and an AMT transmission.

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