Royal Enfield Meteor service costs; Super Meteor 650 price and more


How much does it cost to service the Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650, we find out.

The Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 longterm test bike has just entered the Autocar India fleet and we’ve spent a few days riding it in Mumbai. This motorcycle was part of the Press fleet during the first ride experience in Rajasthan and we received the bike with a little over 800km on the clock. As we pile on the miles, a detailed longterm report as well as a road test will be out soon. Meanwhile, in the three days we’ve been riding the bike, the odometer has already crossed the 1,000km mark. And that meant it was time for the first service.


. Autocar’s Super Meteor 650 undergoes first service

. First service costs Rs 2386 

. Oil and oil filter change carried out


Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650: First service costs

A quick call to Royal Enfield and the service appointment was given immediately. 

With the bike on the ramp, the first service of the Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 began. From draining the old oil, replacing the oil filter and pouring 3.1-litres of fresh 10W-50 fully synthetic oil into the engine; the process was swiftly completed. The service technician then got down to cleaning the brake pads. This was followed by a clean up of the air-filter, with the compressed air blowing off the Rajasthani sand and dust. The chain was also checked and the tension was adjusted as part of the first service.

Considering the price of the Super Meteor 650 and the fact that this is the company’s flagship bike, the cost of carrying out the service was pretty reasonable. The cost of oil that went into the engine is Rs 2,012 while the oil filter will set one back by Rs 450. Add to this the cost of the chain cleaner and lube and the total costs of the parts was Rs 2720. This is almost the same amount of money that Royal Enfield charges for the Interceptor 650. 

Since this was the first service, it was conducted for free and there were no labour charges. However, the service centre charges Rs 118 as “consumables charges for service”

In all, the company charged Rs 2836 for the first service of the Super Meteor 650.


Recommended work during service

Over and above these charges, as per our bill, Rs 251 was charged as labour for brake air bleeding. This was done as a precautionary measure to ensure the brakes work optimally, after the abuse they were subjected to at the media test ride. A regular customer will not need to bleed the brakes of their bike at first service.

In addition to this, the dealership also recommended that we carry out wheel balancing inspection and setting. This again was done to ensure that the bike is running perfectly post the ride in Rajasthan and isn’t required at first service.

That said, they do recommend that the customer checks the wheel balance at every service barring the first, given the abuse that the wheels and tyres undergo while traversing on our less than perfect roads. 

The labour cost for the removal, inspection and refitting of the front wheel is Rs 756 but the same process for the rear wheel costs more, at Rs 1,353. That’s because the service technician needs to remove the left side exhaust in order to take off the wheel. 

All said, this wheel balancing requirement is only a recommendation and it is the owner’s discretion as to if and when they want it to be done.

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