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While the Simple One is finally here, its over Rs 30,000 more expensive and 19kg heavier than before.

More than 18 months after its initial ‘launch’, the production-spec Simple One electric scooter has finally broken cover and it is no longer as affordable or as light as it first appeared. We tell you why the Simple One is now heavier and more expensive.

Why the Simple One is heavier now

The pre-production version of the Simple One we got a chance to sample last year had a 4.8kWh battery and weighed 115kg, but this production-spec model has a larger 5kWh unit and weighs 134kg. Another area that is almost certain to have contributed to those extra 19 kilos onboard is the reworked battery casings to comply with the new, more stringent AIS 156 norms.

Considering the fact that the battery is larger (albeit not by much) and the casings are also different, the chassis now has quite a bit more weight to carry. To cope with this additonal weight, it has been strengthened and re-engineered in certain areas.

Why is the Simple One much more expensive now?

The Simple One was originally ‘launched’ at Rs 1.1 lakh (ex-showroom, Bengaluru), but the production-spec e-scooter is priced between Rs 1.45 lakh-1.50 lakh (ex-showroom, Bengaluru). This rather substantial hike is down to a number of different factors. First and foremost, the FAME-II subsidy, which has been slashed quite drastically since Simple first announced its pricing. This means the manufacturer no longer has the luxury to afford lower prices to customers.

The increase in battery capacity is sure to have played its role here and as with everything today, there has been a rise in input costs, which has also contributed to this price hike. Furthermore, the multiple times the launch of the e-scooter has been delayed, and the aforementioned engineering changes have also played their part in increasing the price.

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