The DVSA moves towards paperless MOTs


The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has granted garages the flexibility to transition to a paperless system for issuing MOT certificates in a bid to embrace a more eco-friendly and efficient approach.

Garages now have the option to refrain from providing a traditional paper fail certificate if customers are willing and able to access their vehicle’s MOT record and history online.

While physical fail certificates can still be issued, particularly for complex or multiple failures, the DVSA encourages garages to present customers with the choice of viewing these certificates online. Even in cases where a pass with rectification sheet (PRS) is issued, printing the fail sheet may become unnecessary.

The move towards a paperless MOT system not only aligns with environmental sustainability but also promises cost savings for garages by reducing paper and toner usage. Acknowledging the evolving preferences of customers, the DVSA aims to mirror the way individuals increasingly rely on online services. In fact, as of 2023, the MOT history service stands as the third most used online government service.

This initiative builds upon previous changes implemented by the DVSA. In January 2021, the agency made it optional for garages to provide a paper record of the emissions test for vehicles that pass the test. Subsequently, in September 2021, the issuance of a paper MOT pass certificate became optional, although physical fail certificates remained a requirement.

Chris Price, a representative of the DVSA, emphasizes the simplicity of the transition, advising garages to inquire about their customers’ preferences regarding paper or digital MOT certificates. He suggests discussing the matter with customers upon vehicle drop-off to set expectations for certificate collection.

Price said: “In some cases, if the vehicle does not have any advisories or if there are minor advisories, it makes more sense to suggest the customer views this information online.”

While recognising the persistent demand for paper certificates among certain customers, the DVSA said it was encouraging small changes that contribute to a more streamlined and environmentally conscious process.



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