Title: 5 Tips for Giving Your Car a Summer Glow


Keeping your car sparkling like it did when you left the car dealership might feel like something only car lovers want to do. However, the warm days are here, and it’s vital to ensure that your car is in excellent shape for it to survive the scorching summer heat. 

Fortunately, there are simple ways you can make your car look slick and clean. Continue reading to find out more.

Wash it regularly

There are a lot of activities that take place during summer, like trips to the lake, zoo, and park. This means that your car will take a beating. Therefore, washing it frequently is important if you not only want it to look clean, shiny, and nice, but also want to prevent the paint from degrading. 

Besides, there are many benefits of washing your car during summer. You will get rid of pollens and other allergens, and prevent dust from forming. So, plan to stop by a car wash to have your car perfectly cleaned and ready for the road.

Park it in a covered area

The summer heat can harm your car’s finish, especially if it is always parked outside. Also, cars that are parked under the harsh sun rays usually age prematurely as the paint starts to fade and the inside becomes dry and fragile. 

While you can’t always park in a car port or a cool garage, it will be best to at least find a shaded place and park there if possible. This will prevent the paint from fading and the headlights from staining.

Get rid of superficial abrasions

Scratches are normal wear and tear. Luckily, you can get rid of them by using some special products that can be bought online or even at your local auto parts store. Besides, there are many rubbing compounds as well as waxes that are made to safely get rid of abrasions and revive your car’s finish. Ensure that you read product reviews before making a purchase or seek advice from your auto store attendant.

Be wary about the cleaning products you use

Do you know that some cleaning products can degrade your car paint? Therefore, make sure that you use cleaning products that are specially made for cars. Avoid using basic detergent or soap as it can strip the car’s wax and damage its coating. When cleaning your car, begin by rinsing your car carefully to get rid of large particles. Then you can wash it – and don’t forget to use a microfiber towel and clean mitts, as they are gentle on your car.

Remove birds dropping as soon as possible

Regardless of where you park your car, birds will definitely find a way to mess on it. And the worst part is that if you do not get rid of the droppings immediately, they can leave a permanent mark. That said, be cautious when scrubbing off the dropping to avoid scratching the paint. You can start by applying water to the area, leaving it for some time, and then wash the droppings off. In some cases, you might need to use a soapy cloth and lightly rub the mess.

Bottom Line

Maintaining your car’s sheen is a matter of regular care and having the right materials for the job. Besides, just like your skin during the summer, your car needs special care to keep it looking clean and shiny. So, use the right cleaning products, get rid of bird droppings immediately, park it in a shady spot, and more essentially, wash it regularly.

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