Your Ultimate Guide For Purchasing ATV Wheels


All-terrain vehicles provide you with the performance and toughness you need to have fun, whether racing with friends or exploring new terrain. You must have the proper tools to enjoy the ATV experience, and the wheels on your ATV are among its most crucial accessories.

Whether you have a brand-new ATV or just recently bought a secondhand car, you’ll ultimately want to update or need new wheels. Keep the following in mind when searching for ATV wheels.

Know the size you need

Purchasing the most oversized wheels is not only for show; dimension is important. Sometimes your ATV needs larger wheels and sometimes smaller wheels, and you should know how to choose the appropriate size wheel when shopping. It will be crucial to be aware of the following measurements: Diameter, Width, and Offset.

ATV wheels are often recognizable by numbers, such as 12×7, 4+3, or 4 on 156mm. These figures may initially seem baffling, but in this case, the terms refer to the dimensions of diameter, width, and offset. The diameter is the first measurement you should take to ensure you obtain the proper size wheel (height when the wheel is standing up).

Each wheel is uniquely crafted, and some have higher lip parts than others. Therefore, it’s crucial to measure the widest point across the middle, from bead seat to bead seat, when determining the diameter of your ATV wheel. Follow here to see more.

Select the appropriate offset

Just as important as the diameter and width are the final measurements, the offset. Your ATV’s wheels’ offset separates the hub mounting surface and the bead seat centerline. How far your wheels and tires protrude from or tuck into the car’s body will depend on offset.

Offset is significant because it has the potential to widen or narrow the stance of your car, which can have an impact on how it handles and performs or even create clearance problems.

The offset of an ATV wheel is indicated by a section of the size that includes a plus symbol (+). The offset always refers to the measurement on the inside (the side of the wheel facing the vehicle).

Consider the bolt pattern.

You will be limited to choosing wheels that fit the bolt pattern that comes with your ATV if you don’t change the bolt pattern. Three-lug, four-lug, and five-lug ATV wheels are available. Each pattern typically comes in a range of sizes. The wheel in question, which has the dimensions 12×7, 4+3, 4, on 156mm, has a four-hole bolt pattern, or four bolts.

The internal circumference of the wheel’s bolt holes is used to measure 3-lug wheels. The distance between the centers of two bolt holes in a four-lug wheel’s bolt pattern is used to measure the pattern’s bolt spacing. Last but not least, the measurement of 5-lug wheels is the distance from the center of a bolt hole to the back of the hole two over.

The bottom line

Selecting the appropriate wheels will provide a comfortable ride and good performance that will last through your excursions and adventures.




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